"Kesslerin Supreme
 - A rifle made for the connaisseur among the huntsmen“​

Master gunsmith Roland Kessler​

The Kesslerin - Elegant rifles manufactured in Germany


Are you looking for a rifle which will last for a lifetime? And you prefer the Mauser 98-type action and have no interest in constantly chasing the trends?

The "Kesslerin" not only has a slim profile and looks elegant but it is extremely accurate and fully equipped. With its super-light 2.8 kilos, the "Kesslerin", first built in 1994, is the ideal hunting companion.


The "Kesslerin" is available in the following models: "Classic", "Classic New SL", "Stutzen" (short rifles). In addition, the "Kesslerin Classic New SL" rifles are available in a left-handed version.


A short history of the Kesslerin


As a passionate hunter, alpine hunting has always fascinated me. For me, when hunting in the Alps or in the Carpathian Mountains, a standard bolt-action rifle was simply too heavy for the long and strenuous stalking of the game, whereas a light, single-shot rifle was unsuitable for hunting chamois, elk and wild boar. I envisioned a reliable, multi-shot and nonetheless light rifle which could best be realized by implementing the 98-type action. The result is the "Kesslerin" and its conceptual design, which combines precision with ease of handling, is valued and acknowledged by many experienced hunters.


Roland Kessler



There is no better recognition for the quality of our work than our customers’ interesting and unusual experiences with a „Kesslerin“. Many of our satisfied customers keep us informed of their stalking achievements and send us photos or narratives. You will find a limited selection in our stalking photo album.


Kesslerin "Katharina" for Ladies


A stalking rifle could not be lighter. With an unbeatable weight of 2.8 to 3 kg, the “Kesslerin” is the ideal companion for ladies, who value style, elegance and precision while stalking. This repeating rifle is based on the standard Mauser 98 system (model 1908 with the same number)...


98er System


The bolt-action rifle is based on a standard Mauser 98-type action (matching specifications with the Model 1908). As the original 98 system was too heavy and the trigger system does not allow for slender stocks, it is hardly ever used for lighter rifles which are easier to handle. Roland Kessler has redesigned the tried and true 98-type action with considerably reduced measurements but which is otherwise true to the original. The millionfold tried and true system is dirt resistant and guarantees absolute safety.

Engraving & Finish


We provide skilled engraving in our specialised workshop according to your individual specifications.

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