Given that each type of wood has its own grain, each one of our stocks is unique. The photos below show stocks made from precious wood.


Figures 1 + 2: Bavarian cheek piece, double fold, stock made from precious wood. The slender stock with an oil finish brings to mind a breakdown rifle. The buttstock with a subtle hog back form and Bavarian double fold cheek piece is rounded off with an English style rubber buttplate. When taking aim, the pistol grip fits perfectly in your hand. The precious wood tips on the pistol grip and the drop point on the fore stock harmonize with the perfectly hand-crafted checkering.


Figures 3 + 4: Optional classic design with German cheek piece and straight buttstock, stock made from precious wood.


Should you wish to have a particular type of wood used for your stock, the wood must be selected at the premises of Waffen Kessler. At our workshop, we have a great selection of premium wood on hand for your stock.


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