Scopes and sights


Mounting a scope puts the finishing touches on your weapon and can be done according to our customers’ individual wishes and requirements. We recommend our own, specially developed flat mounting.


Bead and folding rear sight


Standard version notch and bead sighter

Kessler Scope Rings


The front ring is manufactured from solid metal and has been specially adapted to the rifle thus allowing the typically flat mounting of the scope. The rear ring of the scope can be tightened ensuring a stable fit with the weapon and high precision. We give our customers a 10 year guarantee on the mounting.

Kessler’s flat scope mount is a unique, two-piece swivel mount. The front mount is manufactured from solid metal and is therefore very flat and durable. No scope ring screws are necessary.


Mounting at a price of € 665 complete with sighting in and grouping – 3 or 5 shot group – as well as 50 mm folding sight and bead.

 Flat scope mount      ​

Kessler Ringmontage
Kessler Flachmontage


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