Kesslerin "Original" - elegant, lightweight and precise


When compared at an international level, this rifle, which was first presented at the IWA 2000, received top marks from the specialized trade press (Die Pirsch, DWJ, Wild und Hund, Weidwerk, Safari, DJZ and many others). "The Kesslerin", with its total length of 105 – 110 cm, is a hand-crafted, ultra lightweight hunting rifle. It differs from the mass-produced rifles of the world market in terms of design, modifications and its low weight. 



The bolt-action rifle is based on a standard Mauser 98-type action (matching specifications with the Model 1908) in a modified version. The millionfold, tried and true system is dirt resistant and guarantees absolute safety.



With its barrel length of 55 cm, the barrel allows for an excellent utilization of the performance of all standard cartridges used. The increased barrel diameter provides for more safety in terms of accuracy and thermal sensitivity.



The two-position safety mechanism is located at the right of the bolt housing and can be operated noiselessly. Other safety mechanisms are available on request at extra cost.



"The barrel shoots, but the stock hits the mark."

The sleek stock has an oil finish and reminds the beholder of a breakdown rifle. The buttstock is a subtle hog back stock with a double fold Bavarian cheek piece which culminates in an English style rubber buttplate. In the firing position, the pistol grip fits your hand perfectly. The precious wood tips on the pistol grip and the drop point harmonize well with the hand-crafted checkering. The barrel is blued with an optimized deep black matte finish which gives the Kesslerin a unique touch.




The magazine holds three cartridges and can be unloaded from the bottom using the hinged floorplate.



Innovative trigger on the basis of the 98-type action


In implementing his innovative ideas, Roland Kessler has succeeded in creating an unparalleled slender design of a bolt-action rifle on the basis of the 98-type action. This completely new, utility patented trigger system with a smooth, no jerk release and is factory set at 600 g (can be set at up to 1,200 g). The trigger guard provides enough extra room which allows for use of the weapon with gloves. The weapon can be fitted with a scope and the mounting is done on request.


Standard Calibres

243 Win. – 6.5 x 57 - .25-06 Rem – 6.5 x 65

270 Win. - 7 x 57 - 7 x 64

308 Win. 30-06 - .300 Win. Mag. - 8 x 57 IS - 8 x 64 S

Cal. 9.3 x 62



Press reports

St. Hubertus 10/2002, ...und es gibt sie doch!
Wild und Hund, 09/01, Traumfigur

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