Kesslerin "Katharina" - Hunting Rifle for Ladies


A stalking rifle could not be lighter. With an unbeatable weight of 2.8 to 3 kg, the “Kesslerin” is the ideal companion for ladies, who value style, elegance and precision while stalking.


This repeating rifle is based on the standard Mauser 98 system (model 1908 with the same number). As the original 98 system was too heavy and the high trigger system prevented the construction of a sleek stock, it is seldom used for lightweight rifles.


Roland Kessler has developed an exact copy of the tried and tested 98 system with substantially reduced dimensions. The system, which has proved itself a million times over, is unsusceptible to dirt and ensures absolute safety.






Hello Mr. Kessler,


It has taken some time until I have got around to giving a report on my new “Kesslerin”. That is simply because I had no time to go hunting since the purchase of the rifle. However, this year’s rut has given me the opportunity to bag two stags over the last ten days. Firstly, in the Odenwald, where I stalked a roaring stag in the early morning hours and shot it in a clearing in the woods. As you know, Odenwald stags are not quite as heavy, but the stalking is more challenging and also exciting… Secondly, yesterday in Vorarlberg I managed to bag a particularly good class 1. stag, that grew crowned antlers for the first time this year and only on one side. I am an enthusiastic mountain stalker and always fascinated anew by the intensity of experience in the great outdoors. In my case, where the “Kesslerin” is used from a high seat, in driven or stalking situations over short distances, but also in the mountain, where long shots are necessary, its advantages have proved convincing. The rifle is unbelievably handy, light and also elegant. The calibre is perfect and especially during the rut the 270 H- jacket ammunition kills cleanly and accurately. I am certainly not exaggerating, when I say that everyone envies me for this beautiful weapon. Every hunter, both men and women, are full of praise for it! Me too!




Good Hunting! 



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