Workshop of Gunsmith and Master Craftsman Waffen Kessler


The master gunsmith workshop Waffen Kessler was founded in 1985 by owner and master gunsmith Roland Kessler. In 1994, the first "Kessler" was built.


In our very well equipped master workshop we manufacture individual hunting rifles to the highest standard. We also carry out all work and repairs on your rifle.


We would be happy to take a non-binding look at your rifle and advise you on which repairs or modifications would make sense.



Our main services are as follows:


  • Manufacture of bolt action rifles

  • Barrel repairs (Installation of new barrels in bolt action and break down/combination rifles)

  • Specialized conversions of single triggers in Mannlicher Schoenauer bolt action rifles, see the press reports in: St. Hubertus Spezial 2008 and Pirsch 08/2009, "Bayerisch-steirische Symbiose" 

  • Conversions of triggers for bolt action rifles of the type Mauser 66

  • Installation of single stage triggers in Mauser Model 66 S rifles according to the sole patented process.

  • Mounting of all types of scopes

  • All types of system work

  • Manufacture and installation of barrel inserts

  • Sighting in / correction of shot pattern of double rifles

  • Brush and immersion bluing

  • Overhaul used hunting weapons

  • Engraving

  • Resoldering of combination guns / barrels

  • Manufacture of complete interchangeable barrel systems for all types of guns


Edelhölzer für Waffenschäfte
Ladengeschäft Waffen Kessler
Ladengeschäft Waffen Kessler
Ladengeschäft Waffen Kessler

Roland Kessler, master gunsmith 

The owner and founder of the firm, Roland Kessler, has been a dedicated stalker since 1979 and a master gunsmith since 1980. His enthusiasm for mountain stalking led him to develop the ‘Kessler’

as an especially light, practical and precise hunting rifle with a modified 98 action system. Hunting license holder.

Friedrich Gehri, master gunsmith 

All stocks are hand made from the finest wood.​ Master gunsmith since 1984. Hunting license holder.

Matthias Rupprecht​​, gunsmith

Hunting license holder.

Part time employee Markus Angermaier​

Hunting license holder.

Max & Willi employees hunting department​



Land - Au 6 • 94469 Deggendorf​

Opening Hours Shop

Wednesday, Thursday: 16.00 - 18.00 p.m.

Further appointments such as visits to our workshop, shooting practice and the selection of wood for stocks can be made on request.

Land - Au 6 • 94469 Deggendorf


Tel.: +49 991 - 28 48 42

Fax: +49 991 - 28 48 41